Thursday, September 15, 2011

Even the gods fail - let humans try harder

Hi guys !

An invitation to you to join a conceptual discussion on some aspects of
folklore.In the binary age, something is either 1 or 0 , so your comments
accordingly. All my education taught was to accept nothing at face value and question everything.
Accordingly your wise comments on my comments here :

1. Krishna was wrong in the gita.what use is there in doing your duty if it
means the death of most of your near and dear ones. rather he should have
told the pandavas to beg for alms outside hastinapura palace and accept them
only from the people. the people would not have tolerated it and forced the
kauravs to give them a reasonable share of the kingdom. it would have been
an impossible negative in bridge terms.

2.Yuddhistra was a fool. not only did he agree to play against a superior
player ( Sakuni) he bet his kingdom and wife against him. Dharmputra indeed

3. Arjun was an idiot. he agreed to share his wife with his other brothers
just because his mother UNKNOWINGLY asked him to share it.You know what
a man who shares his wife willingly is called...

4. Drapaudi invited herself to be humbled when she said to duryodhana "sons
of blind men are blind themselves"

5. Ram was a poor judge - he should have known his fathers love for him
would kill him if he left for the forest. he should have got bharat too to
join him thereby forcing kaikeye to revoke her request. He was a failed
husband who should either have abdicated his throne because of the dhobis
comment or ignored it. He was obsessed with being a prince/ king.

6. bharat instead of ruling in the name of his brother should have left for
the jungles long with him forcing his mother to revoke the promise.

7 Christ was what they call a child whose father is not known.A virgin
cannot give birth to a child.the three wise men were probably ministers of
the king who was the real father. jesus had been sacrificed by his father
whose love and affection he never knew although the father may have wanted
to. this may be the real reason for him advocating sacrifice rather than joy
( which god did in creating the garden of eden).

8. Moses was a power hungry..........In his quest to be the leader of the
jews he forgot his debt to the house of pharoah who had nurtured him. The
jews followed him becuse he represented success over their former masters
( moses forsook them) but when that deed was done and the animosity towards
the pharaoh no longer the binding factor moses was bound to fail. A similar
phenomena used to happen in india during the anti indira gandhi days. Also
by the law of nature moses debt to the house of pharaoh had to be repaid.

9. Mohammad the Prophet was nothing more than a great orator. he could not
move the mountain- but elegantly went to it instead.

I think i have started enough of a blasphemous campaign. I believe there are no holy cows
and ones mind must be free and challenge old concepts, In the death of new ideas are born new ones.

It would give me great joy if you took time off and share your comments on
both mails. One of the tragedies of starting to work is that one
increasingly loses intellectual perspective and debate.
As further blasphemy I give below a recommended code we can live by :
2nd Discussion point : A Code
> I think i read somewhere,with interest,that considering all holy books are
> written centuries ago and civilisation and society has moved on
> unrecognisably since then,the holy books should be rewritten and there
> should in fact be one holy book in the world.Call it The One World testament if
> you like,proposed action standards in the book :
> 1.Be Positive (reikhi teaches us that too )
> 2.Be truthful ( motto of british council truth will prevail)
> 3Try to establish commonness with others(principles of communication and
> communism)
> 4.See the big picture but do not lose sight of the details.
> 5.Never take more than you give (lion king). build positive equity (crm)
> 6.Save for the rainy day (like the ant)
> 7.Be competitive but with a sporting spirit (like the olympics)
> 8.Be co-operative but not at your own cost. if you do not look after your
> interest,who will.
> 9.Do not eye another good fortunesor things or belongings.
> 10.Be gentle and kind to your body and mind(yoga)
> 11.Try to add value all the time in all that you do.
> 12. Treat a mistake as a learning experience but do learn from it and do
> not repeat it.
> 13. Be the master of technology but let technology not master you.
> 14. Simulation is good but nothing is better than the real thing.
> A bit philosophical you may say but i thought i would share my ideas with
> you and ask for views, comments and alternate points .